Rhino Common API Use

Hello… i search to show up a window with the list of layout selectionable, with 3 buttons, one “yes”, one “No”, and one " new layer".

with python, i searched in the help, and i think it’s not possible with, so i search in rhinoCommon API… but it’s difficult to find where and how I can do…

i search in Rhino.display but I realize it’s a bottomless library!

Note: Is PageNumber is the solution?

how can i list all layout, and how can i createa button…
i found somthing to create a new layout, i found also to made it current…

Hi @onlyforpeace,

You can have a look at the examples for Eto https://developer.rhino3d.com/guides/rhinopython/eto-controls-python/

This is the recommended way to do ui in rhino via scripting

thank you, it’s a nice tool…

how can i keep all Layout in my rhino file?

I’m going to need more information to answer that question…

  • What do you mean with Layout?
  • What do you mean with keep inside of rhino file ?

i would like to have the list of all layout (page) of my rhino file.
image ,
i can select a layout, to add some text, or i could create a new layout…

You can check out RealDrawings https://www.food4rhino.com/app/realdrawings

It should be able to do what you describe here.
Also the source code of the plugIn is on github so you can see for yourself how they did it: https://github.com/dalefugier/RealDrawings