Selecting text in the current layout

I like to have all text in the current layout (not manual select) and to have them deleted at a start of a script. I tried AllObjects, filter off for text, but texts in other layouts also got deleted.

Hi @fwk,

Please review the attached sample and let me know if you have any questions. (1.0 KB)

– Dale

Hi Dale, thanks it is working fine, I will digest the script which might take me awhile

Hi Dale,

Another help I need.

  1. How can I make visible (or isolate) objects based on that object attributes (and name) ? If the attributes can be loaded into a listbox for selection (multiple selection is preferred), that would be great. I usually use the attribute user text to store additional (more than 1) information for that object. I was hoping to use that information to have better control over the object/s like select/hide/visible, etc etc.



Hey @fwk,

Finding or selecting object and getting and/or setting their properties is pretty basic stuff. You might want to spend some time on our developer site with some of the introductory information on scripting.

– Dale

Hi, well noted. I am well aware of the Guides, but my learning of the Rhino python is more of a “need to know basis”. I wish I have the luxury, time and youth to start from 1,2,3 or A,B,C. I have used Rhino since v4.0 but python only recently. There are a few key tasks that I am looking at to automate, so I was just trying to short cut the process. I have had programming experience with VB so that helps but to reference to Rhino environment/objects that is heavy.