Rhino Code in VS Code - Is it still a thing?

Is Rhino Code still a thing? This seemingly easy process is not working for me, after typing >Rhino: Run in Rhino WIP I can’t select any running Rhino WIP instance.
Also, I see there wasn’t any updates to this since 2021 and generally there is not much information about this so I don’t really know if it should still work.

This is a video made by @eirannejad

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It is still a thing and still does the one thing of “Run in Rhino”. I have to update this before the final release for a better name and command names.

Make sure you have the correct Rhino path in the settings:

Hi, thank you for the response.

I got “There are no active scripts open”, still without a chance to select the Rhino instance.

Open a python script that you want to run in Rhino and then run the command in vscode

Ok, I got it working now, I got to have it open in the Rhino’s Script Editor too.

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No it is enough to have it open in vscode

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@barden00 Actually I see what you mean. I found a bug. With the next beta build, when you run a script from vscode, it automatically initialized the languages in Rhino so the script should run smoothly

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