VScode to Rhino8 bug

Hi there,

I love the new feature to be able to run VScode and visualise on Rhino8 through Rhinocode. The feature works well for me, however sometimes on running the VScode file, I get the error ““There are no instance of Rhino WIP running””. I am having to restart to make it work, not sure why I get this error. My settings in rhinocode are configured to my python path.

I have Rhino 8.6
Windows PC

any suggestions would help greatly!

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@keerthana Are you working on Rhino for Windows?

Hi @eirannejad thank you for your response, yes i am using a windows pc

Okay when you see this problem happen, open a terminal (powershell) and:

# go to rhino installed directory
cd "C:\Program Files\Rhino 8\System"

# run rhinocode command to list instances of Rhino
./rhinocode list

it should print a report like this listing one rhino instance:

       PID ID                             DOC                  PATH
     42788 rhinocode_remotepipe_42788

If it does not list anything, vscode is not gonna find rhino.
Then in Rhino run RhinoCodeLogs and DM me the contents to see if anything is broken

Thanks :smiley: