Rhino camera view problem

I am trying to confirm if the shaded areas of the image below are visible from some points of interest

I have a generic 5m digital elevation model, and one small more precise, dense photogrammetric mesh in the point of interest.
The two models are aligned pretty well. I have set up one rhino camera 1.6m above ground level.

Looking at the camera view I find two problems.
If I turn off the 5m elevation model I am not able to see the magenta shaded areas.

If I have both models open I am seeing a strange hole in the photogrammetric model. Again I am not able to see the shaded areas. But why i am seeing this hole?

Until now I was using shaded mode in the viewport.
The big problem is when I change to render mode.
Then the camera ignores the obstacles before the target point and I am able to see the shaded magenta areas which obviously is not correct.

If I move the target at a lower elevation I am seeing more. I am able to see through the mountain.

Why does this happen? Is there a setting to change this camera behavior? I know Vray has a setting for that. I wasn’t expecting to be on by default in Rhino.
My model has big coordinates (210800,4334800). This is a problem for render software but I don’t think is the case in my situation

Hello- please post the model, or send it to tech@mcneel.com, with a link back here in your comments.



Hello-I’m not sure I really understand what I am looking gfor here but, as the file opens, I see this:

if I turn off the dem 2007 layer, I see this:

Does either of those correspond to what you expect?
If I restore the named view it is somewhat different but I see the same objects…

as you open the file the display mode is render and what you see is not correct. The magenta-shaded area should not be visible from this view.
Change the display mode to shaded.

Thanks, I see that.
RH-75117 Rendered mode camera misses some objects

Raytrace seems correct, here.


Also, take a look at the shaded view.
It seems that the dem2007 layer makes the other mesh look corrupted.

RH-75117 is fixed in the latest WIP