Rhino bought airpods for me

I made it with the desire to have it. I wanted to have an AirPod. Eventually Rhino gave it for me. Kakao NEO case is a bonus. Of course, I can’t touch or hear. Now I need a HoloLens for €4.250.


did you use subd for the air pods themselves? Looks fantastic!

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I like NURBS modeling. I rarely use the Rhino sub.
I hope the wireframe image helps you. Thank you for leaving helpful comments.


Awesome! Can you also share how you solved your corner blends of the AirPods Case?

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Very nice ! :slight_smile:

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Rudi, I hope it will be of help. Thanks you!


Thanks petemasek! ^^

beautiful light surfaces! Well done- thanks for sharing!!

Nice! In what software did you render?

I used Maxwell Render for this scene. Sorry for the late reply!

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Thank Kyle! always writing encouraging comments.

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did u try bella render? :slight_smile:


I’ve used it before, but it’s still only at the study level.