Rhino Block - Does it make the file smaller/faster to work

Hi all,

Anyone knows if by making things into a block help make working in the model faster?

I’m made a large number of bricks in 3D and it’s really slowing things down. I thought I might be able to worksession it but unfortunately it doesn’t work with Macs… hence the question - any knowledge/suggestions?



if you have many of the same object, making the ‘original’ a block will keep file size down, and in theory help performance, looking at your image if those are all the same object you should most certainly make the original a ‘block’, more info on blocks here . Try a duplicate file of the one above, except make the first object a block, and then add 100s/1000s of instances of it and see how it can help. Also with blocks, if you edit the block, the change will be added to all the instances you have in your scene, hth

Hello, I have the same issues in architecture models and very often I just decide to avoid detailing too much models. Which is not what would like to. Except for the blocks options, are there other suggestions you would have to keep files fast to work on? Best. Antonio

Hello- in many cases - such as bricks - you can use materials on simple geometry.


Thanks @pascal !

Yes I was until the pattern (with voids) starts to get more complex/experimental - I did end up rewrite the script to make the final options to be of a surface rather than every bricks as my PC simply won’t handle it.

Just wanted to actually find out if blocks would make it run faster in such a situation.