Working with BLOCKS or No BLOCKS?

Hello people.

I have read a lots of stories about working (in Rhino 5 SR8 . WIN 7 x64 bit) - with or without block?!?!

I have tested some files. The first file, have a lots of polygons, vertices and faces. It is a complex and large project and a lots of assemblies. TOTAL FILE 120MB

I have the same file, but with all structural parts draw in BLOCKS… The file was about less than half of size. 20MB.

Now the thinks are getting surprising. Because, with block I have DISPLAY issues. Mostly in TECHNICAL and PEN modes…

I wonder to know, what method is the best? working with blocks, low size file, big issues in display modes, and rotate viewport? or Working without blocks, having a big large file, but without display troubles?

I have a friend u his working in ZAHAD HADID London Office, and he say to me, that never use blocks in rhino???

Any help here please.

As has been posted here in a number of articles, under some conditions, blocks can actually slow down your display. So in your case it might be better to work without them. Large file sizes are generally no problem if you have enough memory and a reasonably fast disk… I regularly work with files 250-500 Mb, there’s no problem aside from the fact that they take a few seconds to open and somewhat longer to save…


Ok, no blocks.
I am new to Rhino, but if I can’t use blocks, what can I use for repeated identical objects (that maybe later you want to edit all at the same time?

Ciao, Gio

Well that is what blocks are for, it’s just certain circumstances where they get a bit bulky. Keep it simple and they will probably be fine.

I mean, if what we are talking here is just a problem of visualization, then I can work with a boxy, super simple block, and replace it with a fully detailed model at the end, just before final renderings, right?

Ciao, Gio

@Architex: Working with blocks is helpful for rendering too, since it help to keep the RAM usage low (depending on the render engine).
Maybe you display issue are gone if you use mesh objects at your blocks only. You could use linked blocks, so you could easy switch between a mesh and a NURBS version of your blocks (if needed).

Thanks for all replys.

I have a powerfull 15" laptop Workstation style. No issues with GPU - CPU or RAM (have a lots of them)

The big problem is, if we need to correct any “component” in the file, with the block it is very easy to update all of them. And without the blocks, every time I (we) need to do changes have to repeat all objects.

About the “block mesh”… sorry but I think I am very rookie for it. I never had heard about it. About my file… If I explode all block and turn them into groups, my file go till 800Mb… But it is true, that RHINO seems don’t have any problem to handle them.

The issues about display is only in TECHNICAL and PEN modes. When I turn them on, it shows some “ghost lines” from the blocks. I made some research about it and I found more people whith the same problems. And no answer to resolve that issue.

And MITCH, thanks for your “no problem about rhino with big files”.

can you teach me / or show me how can I earn that?

I have made a post in the past were I show some example of that issue.

I don’t mean explode the blocks. Only I work with linked block without NURBS geometry. The geometry in the block is converted from NURBS to meshes.