File size/speed/efficiency etc

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@Steve1 , I replied with a new topic and put it in the rhino for windows category.
I’ll just address a couple of your questions here:
blocks will definitely reduce file size and increase efficiency in many ways, but come with their own issues. You can make your rivet hole ‘positive’ cylinder, block it, place a series of them, but you won’t be able to boolean with them until they are exploded back to their preblocked state. This means that until you explode your file will generally be snappier. Once you explode look out because now you have a ton of geometry your machine needs to crunch on. If you want to be able to edit the rivet hole size/shape, make a copy of your blocks and put on another layer, hide that layer. Then explode the visible blocks and group them so its easier to select for the boolean.

Your file size will go up with more jpegs. Display redraw speed will increase if you turn layers off and/or hide entities in the scene.

tons of other posts on here about reducing file size/ purging/ etc.
try the purge command, that will get rid of some extra things. Make sure you are working on a copied version of the file first in case you delete something you need later.

feel free to upload a sample file. If there is something crazy about it someone here might be able to find the issue.

good luck!