Rhino blank screen

hi I just installed rhino 5 on my asus laptop and rhino gives me a black screen after turning on nvidia gt750m. All drivers are updated and bios has been refreshed on a brand new windows 8.1 machine.
Obviously it all started when I installed 8.1 update.

How can I work on this?

PLS help!!!



Sounds like buggy display drivers, be they new or not.
Take a screenshot of the Options - View - OpenGL page settings and send post that in a reply please…


attached the screenshot - issue might have been cause by windows 8.1 upgrade which I have seen causes a huge amount of bugs on all sorts of users. I constantly get the “Rhino has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware” and rhino goes either black screen or all pixelated.
attacched screenshot of the settings.

PLS help otherwise I must go back to windows 8 with complete formatting.

It probably won’t help much, but I would remove the checks for the second and third items, leaving only the first option checked.
That should be a good setup.

Hi John

tried what u said but no change.

The error keeps popping up every time i open rhino 5 and use the nvidia gt750m as gpu. Now the card keeps giving this:

“Display driver stopped responding and has recovered”

screen goes blank, pixelated etc. until rhino itself just hangs up.

I have just reinstalled windows 8, tested asus drivers , tested nvidia drivers, upgraded nvidia drivers.
No chance - saw you had encountered similar issues with a quadro card prioir to July upgrade.

Any suggestions?



As a test, go back into the OpenGL page and remove the check mark for the top option.
Close and restart Rhino.
Now does the display work better?

yes it does but with an intel card. performance is extremely slow.

The test was to isolate the problem to Rhino or to the display driver/card combination.

Since the scrambled display goes away with accelerated hardware modes off, it is conclusive that the problem is in the card and driver combination.

I have not heard of this sort of problem before with that Nvidia GT 750M.

I personally have a GeForce GT 750M on a Dell XPS all-in-one system.
It works beautifully driving a 27" touch screen display and a second 24" monitor on an HDMI cable.
I’m running driver from 9 August. I have not updated it since I am not having any issues with it.
I started with 64-bit Windows 8 and now and running 8.1.

I would try the older drivers and if the problems persist, then I think you have a bad video card.

Good luck


might be that - called asus support for replacement.

keep you posted. at least is good to know you have this card and performance is proven with rhino 5.

thanks for support