Picture Frame madness

I had a computer crash recently and since the crash I’ve had some wonky things happen with Rhino. I downloaded the newest version of 5 but that hasn’t improved the situation. So that means my files are corrupted

Most pressing right now is Picture Frame. Since the crash the rectangle of Picture Frame is like a window that I’m looking through at a distorted version of the jpg and it orbits as I orbit around it. Interesting … but useless.

Can anyone think of what I might troubleshoot for this?

Thanks for any ideas you’ve got.

Please send a screenshot of the settings in Options > View > OpenGL

Hi Alex - I think I’d reinstall or update the video card drivers.


Thanks for the replies

Of course these things always happen when there’s a big rush of work. I will consider the video card drivers when I get a breather from deadlines.

Here’s the Open GL settings.

OK. That’s the problem.
You don’t have a driver installed for you actual graphics adapter. The driver listed there is only intended for initial Windows setup.
It does not support OpenGL to the minimum standards needed for Rhino.

See if the Windows Device Manager lists that actual graphics adapter in your system. If not, go back to the specifications of the computer. Download and install the driver for you display adapter.

Normally this is handled in the process of getting Windows ready for software.
Take a little time and get this computer fully updated and ready do go. Then your Rhino issues should melt away.

Thanks so much. I downloaded the driver from Nvidia’s site and that seems to have solved the problem. Not sure how the crash could have kicked my driver off but I guess it did.