Rhino BETA 2017-Dec-5 Available

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What is BETA? We’re not adding any new features, nor are we making significant changes to the UI. We’re also done breaking the APIs, so plug-ins written for this Beta will work in the commercial release of Rhino 6.

For the next few builds, we’ll be wrapping up documentation, localization, and working with our third-party developers to get their plug-ins ported to Rhino 6.

New this week:


  • Geometry Core: :Min – Access Denied (RH-42767)


  • Annotation: Only created in World XY CPlane (RH-42694)
  • Annotation: DimAngular: Angular dimension text location different in V6 than V5 (RH-42029)
  • BlendCrv: Edit messy (RH-42806)
  • Build Process: Add version information to rhinocommon sdk docs (RH-35275)
  • ChamferEdge: Fails in V6 OK in V5 (RH-42522)
  • Cycles: Rendered pretty good, Raytraced (Cycles) black (RH-42541)
  • DimArea: Does not accept preselection (RH-42685)
  • Display:
    • Decals are broken in Rendered mode (RH-42813)
    • Reflections with non-white reflectivity do not work correctly in rendered mode (RH-42860)
    • Reflections with non-white reflectivity do not work correctly in rendered mode (RH-42904)
    • Skylight shadow can have circular artifacts on zoomed-in models (RH-42780)
    • atio6axx – Access Denied (RH-42771)
  • Docking Tabs: License manager fails with error 0 results in trashed docking configuration (RH-42612)
  • EditPythonScript: Python editor showing up on taskbar (RH-42764)
  • Elevator Mode: Constraint UI change? (RH-42683)
  • File IO: PDF import does not maintain text when using the text option (RH-10123)
  • Grasshopper:
    • Escape should cancel slider animations (RH-42636)
    • Goo group internalising doesn’t work (RH-42156)
    • Panel streaming not handling missing target well (RH-42154)
    • Plane z-axis display broken (RH-42158)
    • Popup box operator shortcuts instantiate legacy components (RH-42487)
  • Grasshopper: Components: Rhino crash while I set a value to the Distance of OffsetSrf component (RH-42622)
  • Help: Missing verb “edit” in Rhino Help - Environments.html (RH-42342)
  • Join: Make the default ‘Yes’ (RH-42792)
  • Lasso: Nested Lasso selects subobjects when whole objects are expected (RH-42672)
  • Licensing and Validation:
    • Rename “CloudZoo” advanced settings (RH-42774)
    • async wait warning in code (RH-42726)
  • Localization: Typos in en-us toolbar_content.xml (RH-42765)
  • MacroEditor: Not setting focus to Rhino when a macro is run (RH-42668)
  • Crash fix: Rhino – Access Denied (RH-42768)
  • RDK:
    • Intensity change of active skylight env doesn’t update in rendering panel (RH-42815)
    • Render window always shows alpha as a grid (RH-42627)
  • Rebuild: Make the point count match the degree (RH-17918)
  • Rendering: Materials: Duplicated material replaces original (RH-42802)
  • SDK:
    • Blend and Composite materials should not be included in Rhino (RH-42709)
    • SDK installer fails to compile with COMMERCIAL 6.1 (RH-42485)
  • Tab Constraint: Constrained direction is overridden by Cartesian coordinate (change from v5 behavior) (RH-42677)
  • TextObject: Multi-line strings in scripted TextObject command (RH-42772)
  • Toolbar:


  • Grasshopper: GH Surface Param Does Not Accept Extrusion (RH-42664)
  • Grasshopper: Components:
    • Rectangle3D detector improvement (RH-42375)
    • mesh flip &UnifyNormals in GH (RH-38408)

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