Rhino BETA 2017-Nov-28 Now Available

Download Rhino BETA now!

What is BETA? We’re not adding any new features, nor are we making significant changes to the UI. We’re also done breaking the APIs, so plug-ins written for this Beta will work in the commercial release of Rhino 6.

For the next few builds, we’ll be wrapping up documentation, localization, and working with our third-party developers to get their plug-ins ported to Rhino 6.

New this week:

Crashes Fixed:

  • EditText: Repeatable crash in Text properties panel (RH-42561)

Bug Fixes:

  • Annotation: Allow changing text formatting in dimensions when object properties edit box doesn’t have focus (RH-42718)
  • Annotation: Text: Text command shows some unexpected behaviors in Japanese on Windows 8.1 and 10 (RH-41344)
  • ArcBlend: ArcBlend not scriptable (RH-29973)
  • Cycles:
    • Raytraced sometimes stops rendering after using colour picker (for example changing material diffuse colour) (RH-42675)
    • for Rhino should not be default renderer (RH-42591)
  • Display:
    • Rendered mode in Layout shows black objects if Skylighting is on (RH-42601)
    • Shaded copies of technical modes don’t display color consistently (RH-42639)
  • ExtendSrf: Shrink but not expand (RH-42480)
  • FilletEdge:
    • Edit feature does not pay attention to the original rail type (RH-42506)
    • Extra flash (RH-42543)
  • FitCrv: Should call RhinoFitCurve() (RH-42327)
  • Help:
    • Add number stamps to Rhino Windows illustrations (RH-42620)
    • Cycles help problems (RH-42674)
  • Licensing and Validation: Getting 404 error in the web browser when you click “Learn more” link in Licensing dialog. (RH-42542)
  • Localization:
    • Displacement Object Properties panel - “Displacement” section name overlaps with separator (RH-42571)
    • Typo in RdkDotAppearanceSection.cs (RH-42290)
  • OSnap: Selection, and color changes - tune up. (RH-42610)
  • Panels: Macros inconsistent (RH-42330)
  • RDK:
    • Brazil textures other than diffuse don’t work (RH-42649)
    • Custom render content using automatic UI update incorrectly each other (RH-42599)
    • Impossible to accept material or environment as child content in custom .NET render content (RH-42695)
  • Rendering: Materials: Creating new material copies properties from assigned (RH-42647)
  • Rendering: Realtime SDK: Raytraced display degradation isn’t dynamic enough (RH-42729)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Merge windows and mac rhinocommon sdk docs (RH-35276)
    • Remove or add viewport ids from ClippingPlaneSurface (RH-32856)
    • RhinoDoc.Objects.Replace(ObjRef, Hatch?) (RH-42598)
    • Uniform style does not work (RH-42382)
  • SelectionFilter: Disable button on Selection Filter makes text bold (RH-42510)
  • Toolbar:
    • Add MeshFromLines (RH-42336)
    • Text only in floating toolbars is center justified but should be left justified (RH-42681)
    • V6 Main Toolbar (RH-42581)

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

I am having an Issue with Cycles. I simply can’t use it anymore. It is not shown as a Renderer Option. Another buggy thing is that my Viewport Panels are gone everytime I reopen Rhino. I haven’t had this Issues with 11-21 (I can’t remember the last time I checked Cycles though!)…

Simular issue here, I have installed the beta twice now and can not select cycles as a renderer. States current render is rhino with no other option, I checked the plugin list and it shows the cycles plugin is working and I can choose different cycles acceleration methods I.e. CPU, NVidia or Amd .
Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

C.f… @nathanletwory there is no more cfr cycles for rhino just raytraced viewport

Correct, it was already gone in the public BETA from the 21st. CfR will be available again with the next WIP (pretty much right when V6 gets released). If you want to do modal rendering for some reason (i.e. render at different resolution than current viewport) you can use ViewCaptureToClipboard and ViewCaptureToFile. Those both use the same modal rendering mechanism, just without the modal render window.

Thanks for information :smiley:

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