Rhino automatically inserting _Copytoclipboard command

Hi developers,

Can anyone take a look at this? Restarting rhino might ‘solve’ this but it’s really destructing.

First image: everytime I select a curve there is a _copytoclipboard command follows

second image: it happened while i was drawing curves. (each time I make a control point, there is a _copytoclipboard command follows)

Hmmm- any non-default plug-ins or scripts running? Can you capture the initial command showing in the command history?


Any chance the Ctrl and C keys on your keyboard are sticking/faulty?

Hi pascal,
No plug-ins at all. This issue happened to a friend of mine who recently purchased Rhinoceros 5 and today I got the same problem. So there is definitely a problem but I have no idea how to track this. It happened to me all of sudden. As you can see in the second image, there is no complex geometry involved. I started with a simple curve and it started to behave like that, and to test more, I also made boxes(no problem)and lastly the long curve which caused the same problem.
I understand it might hard to see what is the exact problem here but is there a way I can track this problem?

Thanks, pascaL :wink:

Edit: Mark, No issue with hardware


Yikes, I have no idea… I’ll need to check with a bigger brain, I just don’t know which one right at the moment. I’ll get back to you.


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Hi Kev- I’d try to get back to a clean Rhino… try this:

Make sure Rhino is closed.
Open RegEdit. Assuming you have no custom schemes, locate this key

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0x64\Scheme: Default

And rename it to something like Scheme: Default_OLD. This assumes you are running 64 bit of course- if not, find the key for X86, which is on about the same path.

Now start Rhino- (it will make a new Scheme: Default)… does that behave any differently?


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Kev, is there any change with trying a new scheme…?


Do you see this behavior if you run Rhino in safemode?

@stevebaer , see also Kelvin’s response here -

How to stop copying to clipboard


I didn’t try that but so far Rhinoceros doesn’t have the same issue. It seems to me that It’s a random behavior. Maybe what Kelvin said is correct… I will track this with my friend we both are Chinese…

By the say, my friend lately told me that he changed Ctrl+C to a different function in Rhino (I don’t understand how that makes any difference but I will ask details)


It looks like the user that Kelvin helped in the other thread fixed their problem by turning off the dictionary application.

Got it… Thanks Kelvin and developers! :wink: