Issue with Copy Command Defaulting

So, this is a relatively petty issue, but it just started recently, and it is starting to drive me insane.

It used to be that all I had to type was “cop” and the default option selected would be “Copy,” and so I would just hit enter and carry on my way. As of about a week ago, when I type “cop” it jumps to “CopyToClipboard” which is not what I want. Is there a way to clear this up so that it defaults to “Copy” instead?

I am attaching a photo that shows what I mean. I have only typed, “cop” and Rhino filled in the rest.

I forgot to mention that I am on an Early 2011 MacBook Pro running Yosemite and my version of Rhino is 5.2.4

Try typing “Copy” to run the command once.
Then see if “Co” or “Cop” runs Copy again.

I could have sworn that I tried that before, but that it hadn’t worked. I just tried it again and it worked. Clearly I just needed you to think about my problem for it to be fixed.

Personally I find ‘cmd c’ quicker :slight_smile:

When you Quit Rhino, I think the Most Recently Used command list is
re-initialized so you’ll need to more explicitly run you favorite commands
to get them on the list.

Windows Rhino works the same way.

It doesn’t do the same thing. “Copy” allows you to copy from one spot to another. Command+C is the default “CopyToClipboard” function that is great for copying elements across files, but less useful within one model unless you are careful about dealing with duplicated elements.

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That explains why I was struggling to fix the issue once it started. I’ll keep an eye on that from now on.

You might as well make a new alias for Copy right away.

I held off doing so for a longer period but every time you just copy and paste an object from one file to another, CopyToClipboard gets highest on the auto-complete list and forces you to write Copy.
My alias is now just “c”.