Rhino auto save

i just working today on a file… after dinner i stopped working… the hole day i notice that rhino making autosave …after a few hours i came back by mine comp and i see that the computer was restart i think windows did an update i was thinking no problem… i pick up the auto save file but i can not find the auto save file any more i know where i have to find this (in the roaming folder)
so what is happening here i use win 10
greetings Peter

Hi Peter, it seems that Microsoft updates will close all programs in a “clean” way. When Rhino closes without crashing, the autosave file is deleted. I would advice to save before leaving the PC.

Note that, when saving a new autosave, the previous version is moved to the Windows trashcan - you should be able to retrieve a previous version there.

Hi Wim Many thank’s… stupid windows 10 but now i know what is happening
greetings Peter
p.s i will have a look in the win trashcan

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