Rhino and Windows 10

Recently like most people, I upgraded to windows 10. At first, there were no problems, but later on, I lost all my good work when it crashed. I know the autosave feature was on when I installed Rhino on the old windows. I’ve never turned it on. But when I was looking for the autosave and backup files, there were no files. Is it possible if the autosave turned off when I upgraded it? Please let me know. Thanks!

It sounds unlikely that the update would turn off that setting.

Did you check in the Rhino Options?

If this is checked, just test it with a file and see if a file is indeed written to the directory after the time that is specified.

I also recommend using Save → Incremental Save. You can do it as often as you like and you’re 100% protected against crashes and file corruptions.

I use the Incremental save every 15 minutes. My current file is called Robot 027.3DM. The power goes out and the computer shuts down. Several documents that are open get corrupted, including my Robot 027.3DM. The file won’t open, but when I try to import the work into another file, all I see is two curves and a cube. Damn, all my work is gone.

No problem! I open up Robot 026.3DM (prior save) and re-do the last 14 minutes of work.

NOTE: The auto-save back-up is also handy, but it can get in my way. I’m frequently surprised and annoyed when everything ‘locks up’ for an auto-save.

Hi Polo- so, there were no Autosave files in the autosave folder listed in Options > Files? It should be here:


by default.

How about .3bmbak files in the original folder where the file was opened?