Lost work after Win10 update


My workstation made win10 update on friday evening apparently…

Rhino lost my Save file and also Autosave is from last week wednesday, but i was still working with the model on friday, and saw all the autosave lines going while working…

Where to start, or is it gone for good?


Have a look in the recycle bin for the most recent autosave - they are moved there when Rhino closes successfully.

Checked, empty.

I adjusted the autosave to be located at the Temp folder, instead of the Recycle bin.

Tried everythimg, no autosave later than last wednesday…oh my

I’m sorry for putting a finger in the wound but aren’t you saving your files? Why are you relying on autosaves?

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Always save to local drive D: instead of drive C: (reserved for Windows and programs), because the latter is modified by Windows update and you risk to lose your files if they are stored there. It’s even better if your drive C: is a separate SSD (allows much faster response of programs, autosave and loading of models), while your drive D: is a hard drive (safer to repair and extract data in case of a hardware failure).
Also, after you save the important file to drive D: (it’s highly recommended to add a date to its name every day you work on it), make a back up copy with WinRAR or ZIP in the same folder, as well as in an external device such like a USB flash drive or USB hard drive that could be disconnected at any time. It’s a good practice to also upload a back-up file on a cloud service such like Google drive or Mega.nz (both of them are free and give you plenty of gigabytes to store all your important data).

Example of how I name my models: Front fender left - 24_3_2019.3dm


I had saved file, with the date, last friday, like i use to do, but nothing left.

I usually dont close my program and computer, just lock it and it stays in the office. Anyhow, after saving, the program was still open, but than windows update somehow managed to delete last save and autosaves.

Okay, that seems the most safe version. To have it separate from system and on faster drive.

I save in the end of every day, and, like you described, i use date, than its good for me to track it.

you can try with some recovery software, it seems pretty common in google that thing of losing documents after an update.

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As Diego Krause suggested above, there is still a chance to recover your lost file via some recovery software. I recommend to try with “Recuva” or “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard”.




Don’t google, do some quacking instead (@Rhino_Bulgaria, yes, recuva is one option) :

// Rolf


You can also check the windows.old folder if the folder was created.

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