Rhino API C# AngularDimension

Rhino 7,
Api with Visual Studio with C#,

i try to create a AngularDimension with 8 arguments, but is not working.
Is this a popular Issues?
Its works only with 7 Arguments.

Example Code:

  protected override Result RunCommand(RhinoDoc doc, RunMode mode)

            Point3d oPoint_A_Start = new Point3d(1, 1, 0);
            Point3d oPoint_A_End = new Point3d(1, 4, 0);

            Point3d oPoint_B_Start = new Point3d(2, 1, 0);
            Point3d oPoint_B_End = new Point3d(4, 4, 0);

            Line oLine_A = new Line(oPoint_A_Start, oPoint_A_End);
            Line oLine_B = new Line(oPoint_B_Start, oPoint_B_End);

            Line oLine_X = new Line(oPoint_A_End, oPoint_B_End);

            Point3d oPoint_X = oLine_X.PointAtLength(1.5);

            Plane oWorkPlane = Plane.WorldXY;
            Vector3d oVector_X = oWorkPlane.XAxis;

            DimensionStyle oDS = new DimensionStyle();
            AngularDimension oAngularDimension = AngularDimension.Create(oDS, oWorkPlane, oVector_X, oPoint_A_Start, oPoint_B_Start, oPoint_A_End, oPoint_B_End, oPoint_X);

            return Result.Success;

My Goal is to use this Methode:
AngularDimension.Create Method (DimensionStyle, Plane, Vector3d, Point3d, Point3d, Point3d, Point3d, Point3d) (mcneel.github.io)

Thanks for any Suggestion

That particular overload has been introduced in Rhino 8.0. It says so on the documentation page you linked

It is not available in Rhino 7.

Please don’t duplicate topics. This will help us spending time where it is needed.

This is only available in Rhino 8 and newer.


– Dale