Angular dimensions bug

Something weird occurs with my angular dimensions. Maybe someone can tell me if I am doing something wrong.
I use “Angle Dimension” function (DimAngle), with Points option active, then I choose three points of an object through a detail view. Instead of displaying the correct angular dimension, I’ve got a weird one, not even close of what I want. See the attached model. Angular dimension.3dm (98.2 KB)

Without the Points option, it works well.

I get 43 degrees no matter if I measure it with the Points option or not. What is the angle suppose to be?

There were two angle dimensions already displayed in the layout called “A3H” of the model. One correct, displayed in blue, using 2 lines, and an other big one, displayed in red, using 3 points through the detail view. Can you see the second one ?
I added three red points for illustrative purpose, did you snap them? If so, this could be a workaround for me. First, add points to the location in the layout, then use angle dimension by snapping these points. Not very convenient though.

Ahh got it! The red angle was kind of big and out of my view, so I missed it.

The problem is the way you’re picking the points. You probably picked the Apex first up at the top and then the “First dimension point” you picked the point on your right hand side. Try making the left hand side point the First Dim Point you pick.

What happened is that Rhino gave you the opposite angle: 360- 43= 317. It’s just measuring the angle the other way around. I hope that makes sense!

This doesn’t explain the location of the center point of the dimension which has nothing to do with my first click. And the click order doesn’t change the result, I get exactly the same oversized dimension going clockwise or counterclockwise.

I do not yet see what you could be doing to get the red dimension- so far it works as expected here…


Actually that’s what I am trying to understand : is it a bug or did I do something wrong ?
The Red dimension is what I get, but it does not correspond to what I want.

Here is another example :

  • Let’s suppose that I’d like to display that pink dimension in my layout. I can only use the Points option of the angle dimension function because angle lines don’t exist. In my mind, if the function would work correctly, the result should be like this :

    Instead of that, I have that big dimension going away from my layout in a location that is way different that the summit I chose in the first place.
    Here is the empty rhino file for you to check for yourself. Angular dimension 2.3dm (68.8 KB)

OK, on this one I get a huge dim- I’ll investigate - thanks for the file.

@BaptisteC, @VaneSteeg, It seems to be related to using the End OSnap: if I place point objects using End then the dimension using Point OSnap, it works correctly.


Ahh, see it! Good catch!