Rhino and Vectorworks

Does anyone have any experience working with Vectorworks’ files inside of Rhino? I know VW can export as .3dm but not sure how much of the layer/class/attribute information is lost in translation?

I am collaborating with an Architect on a project and we have reasons to use Rhino for some things and Vectorworks for others and we are hoping the can more or less seamlessly work together. Thoughts? Curious to know how BIM type files integrate with Rhino generally.

We go back and forth between Rhino and Vectorworks quite often in the film industry. I’ve never seen any of the BIM info come through but the geometry generally imports just fine. But it is just the geometry. No layer structure or anything.

From what I’ve seen, going the other way, from Rhino into Vectorworks, works quite well.

That’s a big box checked off for sure. What file types are you exporting as with VW to open with Rhino?

Mostly just 3dm. Vectorworks imports it fine and I’ve never had a problem with a 3dm exported from Vectorworks. I’ve also used DWG as a go between.

How do things like “wall” and “window” objects import? Is the geometry preserved? Thanks for answering my questions

I used to go between Rhino & Vectorworks, it worked fine. The only issue I recall was the Rhino version which VW would import/export (it was stuck at only Rhino V5 files), maybe it has been addressed recently.

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