Vectorworks, or just shoot me now!

I’m in a business where more and more newbies show up to work using Vectorworks, driving us AutoCAD/Rhino users to distraction. I’ve noticed that no other modeling or drafting products that I’ve encountered, including Rhino, support the import or export of native Vectorworks (.vsw) files. I’m curious as to why this is. Any thoughts? (FWIW Vectorworks is the devil-child of the old MiniCAD.)


Hi Dennis - most likely they do not have a public file format.


Why doesn’t THAT surprise me!? says support for rhino. Ask users to save to 3dm?

IFC is a data rich neutral Bim exchange format. VisualArq and Geometry Gym (that’s me) provide Rhino plugins to import this. OpenBIM is promoted by Vectorworks.