Exporting to Vectorworks

Hi there,

I’m currently working on a project with a bunch of architects, planing a new settlement on a pretty steep hill. This time it isn’t about glossy visuals, but a 3D landscape work-in-progress model I’m making for them to put and test their 3D buildings into.
The model is built in Rhino 6 (latest version) and needs to be exported to Vectorworks 2017. My online research suggested exporting a .3dm file, as Vectorworks is able to read it. Saving as or exporting as an Rhino 6 however won’t open in Vectorworks 2017. Exporting a Rhino 5 .3dm file works, but they cannot really work in the file - althought it’s only about 125MB, it freezes their software.
Do any of you have some experience with the file exchange between Rhino and Vectorworks? And if so - what other format works good - we already tried .dwg, .dfx, .obj und .3ds and none of them worked properly.

Thanks in advance!

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