How to import from Rhino to Vectorwork but still keep the layer

Hi There

I am wondering what is the best way to import rhino to vector work that still allowed the model carry the layer info?
I know import as DWG can keep the layer but it just turn everything into lines rather than object. As import as 3dm and Step while keep everything as solid, but dump the model into vector work as a big group, lost all the organization I have set up in Rhino.
I am trying to use Vectorwork just as drafting purpose and if I can keep the layer option I have in rhino will be a huge help of generating different sections. Thanks

Rhino can export surfaces and solids via DWG, make sure you use the right export scheme - 2007 Solids. However, not sure if VW can import a DWG with solids remaining solids.

Oh, good to know about the scheme. Thank you

AFAIK, there’s a 3dm import option in Vectorworks (at least in the more recent versions) that I have used if I remember correctly. I don’t have my machine set up to check right now, unfortunately. But I think this would be preferable to DWG, usually. I’ll check with someone who actually uses the software.

So it seems that there’s a 3dm import for 3D elements (not 2D apparently). I don’t know what happens to the layers, though. If it is anything like the import into other BIM software that I know of, it should keep them according to your rhino structure.
The 3dm import may be less clumsy than DWG and give you more options once in VWX.