Rhino and Lightwave

Hi, I need help with transitioning from Rhino to Lightwave. So far I have been working on a trial version of Lightwave to see if it is worth getting. I am trying to import 3d models from Rhino to Lightwave so that I can start our own animations but for what ever reason things don’t work out for me. Is there anyone with any experience with Rhino and Lightwave that can help? Thanks

Hi Lorenzo - wow, I have not even heard of Lightwave in years! As I recall it assumes that everything is in meters, I don’t know if that is still the case - that is, whatever units are in the model on export, LW interprets as meters.What problems are you running into, exactly, if not scaling?


I am able to switch the units to inches so that isn’t a problem. It’s getting the model that I have exported from Rhino to Lightwave to the same scale. I am importing objs into Lightwave and it up scales the model. I have read on other forums that you just down scale by .1 or scale to .1 the size. In Lightwave Layout I am able to scale it to semi accurate measurements but in Lightwave Modeler the size of the model is scaled completely different. Layout is the animation/special effects part and Modeler is the 3d modeler part of the program. So I can get a vehicle roughly the size I need it but then when I switch to Modeler, the tires will be 7ft tall. The scaling tool is eyeballed with no real accuracy or precision. It’s frustrating because I’m trying to learn this program with no guidance on which direction to take.

Hi Lorenzo,
I worked with LW for many years then I started using Modo.
If I remember well you have to adjust the scale in modeler, then you insert it in a scene on Layout.
All the changes you did in Layout are just for animation, the actual model doesn’t change.

Ok I see but getting it to the correct scale in Modeler is what I am having trouble with.

The other option is scaling it in rhino

Everything in Rhino is scaled correctly. It’s just in Lightwave that I am having problems.

If I’m understanding the issue what I suggest is to create and export a box of 10x10x10 units and export it as obj. Then in modeler import it and see what is the scaling factor that LW is doing in the import process. Once you found this factor you can set new units or scale the model before exporting.

Ok cool. Thank you.

or you export a reference object from your lightwave scene to rhino and export that along with the other objects back to LW. then you can rescale everything along that reference object.

I’ll have to try that as well.