Exporting from Rhino to Lightwave LWO with layers

I object in the STEP format and need to convert it to Newtek Lightwave.
I use to do just Rhinoceros. Imported objects is quite complex - the combination of several levels of blocks (BLOCK instances) and 50 Objects names. After exporting to LWO I have only one layer, and objects are converted as Lightwave Surfaces.
For better editing, I followed the Rhino Will Explode Blocks and various objects into a classing Layers. But after export from Rhino Layers remain in LWO is all geometry again only in a single layer.
Is there any way to export blocks as Lightwave LWO Layers?
I even tried to FBX export and then import into LW Modeler. Unfortunately, the result is a model with about 1,000 layers.
Thanks for the help

Hi @Jan_Racansky! Sorry for the late reply, it got lost in the jungle…

LWO doesn’t support layers. You might want to try OBJ if you can, since you can export “Layers as OBJ groups”, an option in the OBJ Export Options panel. Maybe that’ll help…