Exporting obj to Unreal scaling issues

I’m trying to export in obj format into Unreal 4.27. I’m getting scaling issues which I don’t know if the problem is unreal or Rhino V7?

In Rhino I model in centimeters which is Unreals default I then export the model out of Rhino in obj format.
When I import the model into Unreal I find the model is scaled improperly. Weirdly it’s scale is off by 1.24, if I change the obj files scale using this factor in unreal the model loads the proper size.

At one point Unreal had a datasmith importer but that was for version 4,23 which allowed one to directly import 3dm into Unreal.

Does anyone know if this is a Rhino issue or unreal?
Thanks for any help or tips on exporting into unreal from Rhino.

That’s a really bizarre scale to be off by. Have you tried exporting as FBX? I’ve never had scale problems using FBX to go between Rhino and Unreal.

Hi @David_Moreau

Thank you for your quick response and advice, it prodded me to look into it deeper.

Turns out it was my user error, wrong file. I had a similar file but scaled to cm to do fx in max to make it solve faster and forgot I had scaled it especially or that reason that’s why the weird factor. I have a master file I checked the model against and then remembered why it was off.

I re-exported out of my master file in meters. I did have to scale my model by 100 as Unreal is in centimeters and my rhino master file is in meters.