Rhino 9 - Object Manager

Since it was the most liked posts in the older Rhino 8 WIP post, I would like to resurrect the ongoing quest to finally get an Object Manager in Rhino 9.

The original post by @ThS Rhino 8 Development - #91 by ThS got 32 likes (by far the most in the almost 700 post long thread), while many of the posts following in the discussion by myself and many others all got a lot of likes as well.

As mentioned by thomas, there was a beta version of this in Rhino 4! We are now at Rhino 9.

I stand by my conviction as a UX designer and long-time user of Rhino, that not having an Object Manager/Outliner, like literally ANY other 3D software out there, that the Object Manager is the biggest no-brainer and would be a great feature to make Rhino more accessible through sheer familiarity.

So my question to McNeel is again: Is this being worked on for Rhino 9? Will we ever see an Object Manager like we are so used to in all other tools? Just something so I don’t have to constantly select things in the viewport or create a layer for basically any small part. What’s the point of naming objects, if I can’t really see that name in a list anywhere?

Still baffled by the absence of the Object Manager and McNeels reluctance to admit its usefulness.

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The feature request is on the list; it wouldn’t be if it weren’t deemed to be useful. I’ve added this thread to RH-54814 Add Object Manager to Rhino

Judging from recent activity in RH-66122, this is not completely out of the question.

I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek, because of how long it has taken and how long some youtrack items have been around for. Obviously it was deemed useful back in Rhino 4 as well.

Whenever it comes up there always seems to be some resistance from McNeel and questioning why would need such an outlandish tool.

Right now I am not even sure if it was abandoned because it was too complex or if really ALL other items that made it into Rhino 5 to 8 where more important. That is the only conclusion we can come to if it was in Rhino 4, got dropped and now it “might not be out of the question” that we will get it in Rhino 9.

So yes, I do think that whoever decides what gets worked on does not see the value in this and I am still curious for that reasoning.

We made the block manager panel in Rhino 8 as a first iteration of an object manager. This isolates the problems to solve before moving to a general solution