Overview of objects

I’ve already read a post about it so I fear the worst, but I just want to be sure:

Is there no way to get an overview of all created objects? I created a curve for example, but couldn’t find it anymore because it wasn’t visible with all the objects in the scene. Is there nowhere a small window with names of all the created objects (and option to hide/show/select them)?

If it’s not in there, is there a specific reason why they chose to leave this out?

It’s a bit of a deal breaker for me that this isn’t in there. I’m considering switching software just because this is not available. Although I really love the algorithms and functionality available in Rhino. I don’t know any other software that does not have this.

Thanks for your replies!

Hi, it sounds like your looking for a UI that is sometimes called an “outliner” in other software? As far as I know Rhino does not have this; my only guess as to why is that Rhino also does not have parent/child relationships so there may have been worries about having a flat list of objects for very large scenes.

I think a lot of people use layers to organize their scenes and don’t worry so much about the individual objects. You can however name objects manually and use the “SelName” command to see a list of them and add them to a selection set. I find this a little cumbersome though and generally just stick to using layers for organization.

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Thanks for the explanation. I understand the fear for long lists of items, but I must say that I would prefer this over the layer method. However its good to know how you are supposed to use the layers. It’s a new approach compared to the software I’m used to.

There’ll be ways to script what you’re looking for. Although, as pointed out in the above screenshot, you would need to name every single object in your file to be able to distinguish between them. So layers become a nicer way to organise, in my opinion.