Rhino V7 Request: Object Manager

It would be very useful, if Rhino can get an Object Manger like mentioned in the link below:
I often work with large Rhino files with thousands of objects on many layers. It’s very hard to look for an object that is hidden, when you don’t know on which layer (some are turned “off”, some are turned “on”) it is placed. It also would be very handy when it could be possible to see which object are in a group or in a block. For me the ObjectViewer plugin by Brian Perry was a good approach to improve my workflow.


Hello @ThS. We’ve discussed this before though had no entry in our issue tracker. I’ve added it there and will update if there is any traction on the idea. https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-54814. I agree it would be useful to have such a feature.

As I am coming from Cinema 4D I am missing the Object Manager very much.
Makes working with lots of objects, … in groups … in layers … so much easier and faster!
Hope the development of this feature for Rhino is still under consideration.

please? i’ve been lobbying this for years/decades. i remember the object viewer plugin, it was so nice!

too bad the copy i have won’t run in anything later than 5 :frowning:

I also suggested the Idea of an Object Manger in the more current Rhino8-develoment thread:


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hi @ThS , I think you quoted me on a different shamepoint than the lack of Object Manager.


I’m sorry. I’ve corrected it immediately.

I enjoy those mistakes, keep them coming!

where did you pull that screen grab? lol

this would be a game changer

it’s from my still working Rhino4 Version. I wanted to wait with the uninstallation until this object manger was finally realized for the current version.