Rhino 8 workspaces

@Helvetosaur Any updates forthcoming on this topic now that 8 is shipping? (Transferring Personalized Settings [McNeel Wiki])

I just purchased my upgrade the other day for the shrinkwrap alone!

It is not as streamlined as @Helvetosaur instructed anymore.
There is a whole discussion about this and Mcneel is working on it. you can try these steps for now

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That article was originally written for Rhino V3 and later updated for V4, V5, V6 and V7… and for V8 I did indeed note several times in the last edit of that article that the whole system was being redesigned.

The article also mentions that transferring settings between installations of the same versions is relatively reliable, but for upgrades it might or might not work well.

In any case, V7>>V8 is nowhere near “streamlined”.

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this can be a great introduction to the new Reset Command

Hey Mitch, I wasn’t looking to bust your chops on this one!

It was slightly less painful doing the settings transfer this time. All I did was copy the xml over into the 8 folder, then import my rui from 7, then activate my middle mouse toolbar, then rearrange about 12 tool bars, only took a few minutes. :slight_smile:


I did pretty much the same… but the V7 .rui has all bitmapped icon images. I am wanting to start from scratch for that reason and a couple of others, notably to gain a much better understanding of how the new system works. I need to be able to help my clients when they start upgrading.