Rhino 8 WIP ShrinkWrap

I’ve beenkicking the tires on Rhino8. I’m in need of small figures dressed for specific eras for specific industries - railroaders, coal miners, and associated businesses. I have plenty of period photos, but suitable commercial figures are not available, so I’m looking into 3D printing them. I did a little experimenting with the ShrinkWrap function in the WIP and it looks promising. Has anyone experimented with the settings to model the folds in a woman’s dress or similar application? I’ve tried Blender, but just couldn’t figure out how it works.

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Hi Earl -

I wouldn’t consider ShrinkWrap a modeling tool. You’d use it to combine several objects into a single object when those single objects are of such poor quality that they can’t be combined by the traditional tools.

To model figures, you should probably look at some video tuturials for the SubD tools.

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