Rhino 8 WIP clipping plane bug

I’ve noticed some strange behaviour with clipping planes and Blocks containing meshes in Rhino 8 WIP.
The version I’m using is:
Work In Progress
(8.0.23136.12095, 2023-05-16)

Take a look at this picture:

What’s happening here is, that I’ve got a bunch of meshes saved as individual 3dm files on disk, then loaded as reference blocks into this scene. The Model on the far right is the blocks in their original position with no transforms at all.
To draw a floor plan, I moved the entire cluster of blocks 50m along the X axis and 1.5m down along the Z axis and also put the blocks in a new layer called “1NP - mesh”. This is the model in the center.

Now, when I create a clipping plane and move it 0.1m down along the Z axis, so that the mesh is cut below the workplane on which I’m drawing my floorplan, a third object appears 50m to the left and 1.5m down (exactly the transform of the block objects).

It seems like the section where the clipping plane is slicing the mesh gets duplicated and a double transform is applied to it. If I try to select one of the blocks I transformed, I can see part of the section that shouldn’t be there light up as well (see picture above)


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Hey Ivan, I’m late to the party here,

just checking in to see if this behavior has improved with the released version of v8?