Rhino 8 clipping plane layer override for blocks


playing around with clipping planes for making sections out of 3d scan meshes, I noticed something, that, in my opinion, could be further improved.

Let’s say I have a Block object (imagine just one block for the sake of simplicity), that only contains a single mesh. I want to create multiple floor plans and sections from this block by moving it along the X axis, assigning it to a new layer and clipping it to serve as background for my 2d floorplan or section. This gets repeated multiple times and the mesh is huge, so using blocks is the only viable option.

Now let’s say, the mesh inside the block is on the layer “Mesh” and each block instance has it’s own layer called “Block1”, “Block2”, etc.

Right now, the Clipping plane settings of the “Block” layers seem to have very little effect on the behavior of the block instances, that seem to be driven by the clipping behaviour of the “Mesh” layer.

Being able to override the clipping properties of the objects inside the block by the properties of the layer that the block instance is in, or by the properties of the instance object itself would add a lot of flexibility to this system in my opinion.