Rhino 8 SubD - Improve selection tool (Edge, Point, Face)

Improve selection tool

The selection tool is hell. On Mac I have to hold CMD Shift to select edges, points or faces.
This is often very difficult in Rhino because Rhino doesn’t show me what exactly my cursor is pointing at. For simple models this is not a problem, but for complex models it is. In Rhino it often happens that the wrong thing is clicked, because I don’t know beforehand what I am clicking on. An edge or the surface next to it?
It’s annoying to constantly select the wrong thing in complex SubD models and have to remove it from the selection again.

In Alias Speedform this is solved very well. When I want to select something, the element lights up, when the cursor is hovering over it.
When the right one lights up, then I select the edge, point or face.

This help would simplify the selection a lot.

The video shows when the cursor hovers over a selection, it lights up. (Alias Speedform)

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Do you use the SelectionFilters?

I like to use the Sub-objects filter when editing Sub-objects.

It is on our radar to make related improvements in R8

preselect hover indication has been requested, i am too lazy to find the topic but i believe @Holo was involved if my memory serves me well.

i agree that some sort of hover indication would help a lot, or at least if tooltips would be active without having to open commands. in commands like move etc the tooltips tell you where to snap if activated, but nothing that i am aware of if you try to subselect click on something…

other than that there is also this setting as shown below. default is 7, if you go below the pick radius will become smaller thus you are left to be more precise in what you want to select.