Rhino 8 Section Tools drawing lines for objects behind solids

Section Tools is making linework that should not the shown in the given sectional view… it is making lines that are clearly behind solid objects…

All Objects here are part of the sectional view… There are sine boolean unioned objects here as well if that might be what’s messing this up… the walls that are being cut ARE UNIONED

Section View using the clipping section tool is drawing the staircase that is behind the given wall…
And it is not drafting the specified line weights as well

Technical View for the correct projection style that should be shown and to clarify that the draw order of these layers is correct

and the technical view is not properly showing in the drafting view as well and cannot be used due to a lot of missing lines in the vector print output.

I have already created a new post for it and it can be checked via my profile, It’s the one before this current post