Rhino 8 - Opening GH


Just upgraded to Rhino 8.
I am able to open Rhino, but when I hit the GH command, it shows ‘Loading remote assembly GhPython’ without starting GH…

Any suggestions how to overcome?

Many thanks.

Just noticed when pressing the GH icon again it does open. (I would say a small bug?)

thanks :slight_smile:

HI GH-KN please try opening grasshopper from the Rhino command line with the Command GrasshopperLoadOneByOne to isolate the plugin having issues.

Hi @Japhy,

Thanks for the quick reply, just ran the ‘GrasshopperLoadOneByOne’, unfortunately after accepting all the plugins the message remains the same…


Solution; press the GH icon again, and GH opens up correctly.

You would deny all plugins, then add one by one in to troubleshoot.