Rhino 8: material tab missing for piped curves

Rhino 7

Rhino 8 - material option missing

Thanks for reporting, Micha!
RH-78405 CurvePiping: Material tab

Hi @Micha, I wanted to ask you:

the curve in Rhino8 that you used to do the Piping,
have you set the curve type as Dashed/Hidden similar?

Yes, but also for standard linetype I get no material tab.

ok thanks, I was asking for confirmation because in my case even by changing the type of line the curve is always displayed continuously, while the tube is displayed correctly by changing its shape…

Here this works:

as you can see from the photo the line remains continuous.

@micha, just to be sure, for now you should still be able to apply materials to the curve through the material editor.

@0904 pls run _SystemInfo in Rhino and post back the results.

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Hi @Gijs,

perhaps as already said in this post, even in this case it can be attributed to the PC being too old,
even if when trying the other versions at least this type of problem did not occur.
(That said, obviously my PC cannot be taken as a reliable control)

This explains a lot, and cannot be fixed by us.