Rhino 8 Mac Bug: Repeat from contextual menu executes wrong command

Version 8 (8.3.24009.15002, 2024-01-09)

I don’t know exactly what triggers this bug, but periodically Rhino starts executing the wrong command when I select one from the history submenu in the contextual menu. Once triggered, it seems to persist for a while. The problem can spontaneously resolve at some point. Again, I don’t know exactly how to untrigger the problem.

It seems that most commonly I get an erroneous “paste” operation. It might be the case that Rhino is executing a command from a different position in the history submenu than the one I actually selected, but it’s not yet clear to me what the pattern is.

I will add more information if/when I can determine what triggers it.

It appears to be the exact same bug that was reported 3 years ago in Rhino 7 Mac by user ‘uvi’ here: Latest commands from contextual menu - Denied

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Updated to Version 8 (8.4.24030.15002, 2024-01-30) Buggy behavior still happening:

I suspect that using keyboard shortcuts (copy, paste, etc.) may play a role in triggering this bug, but still haven’t nailed it down.

BUT… Sometimes the “command” that Rhino 8 tries to execute is actually the contents of my clipboard!