One more totally random bug

This one has been with us a long time (on and off, but not in every WIP, IIRC): trying to repeat a command by right clicking and selecting a recent command from the list sometimes doesn’t do anything at all - or Rhino selects the wrong command (not the one you choose but another one from the list).

Anyone else seen this?

Edit: Rhino version 6.17.19211.14112, 2019-07-30.


It just happened again… Selecting “orient objects: two points” resulted in “paste” instead - which wasn’t in the list, but was used earlier in the same session by pressing “cmd + c.”


This bug is still present in the latest update (6.21.19330.01042, 2019-11-26).


I attempted to reproduce this one today @Philip and I could not. Can you please provide the exact minimum steps that you are taking?

Sorry @dan - I’m not able to repeat this at will. It doesn’t happen in every session, but often enough. To the user it seems to be totally random… This obviously doesn’t help at all, so I just have to accept it, I guess - and keep my eyes open for a reliable way of repeating the issue.


I understand. Thanks for keeping your eye out. You might copy the contents of your command history once it happens next time. That might give a clue…and I stress might. Sorry this is happening. Something is clearly amiss.

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