Latest commands from contextual menu - Denied

I found in many cases that trying use latest commands from the contextual menu just won’t work.
Regardless of which command selected from the menu, the system executes the last command.

Rhino 7, latest build.

I’ve have seen this also now and then - and rapported it a long time ago. No fix yet, obviously.


@BrianJ - have you encountered this?


I have not.

@uvi This is the Repeat commands flyout from the top item in the right click context menu correct? Do you have a sample file and series of steps that reproduce it or is it random? Thanks.

It is somewhat random. It happen to me a lot using boolean operation but here is a short clip trying to use explode only to get the new target location command that I have shortcut for in order to bring the camera back in working order. (something that also constantly happens for reasons beyond me)

Here is another example for this behavior…

Thanks for the screen recordings. I’m so far not able to reproduce what’s happening for you, can you send me the shortcut you are using for setting the Zoom Target? Also see if the hard coded “ZS” macro if used instead makes any difference please. You just select something > type ZS and Enter and your view target will be that object. ZSA will do it in all views too. I’m wondering if your shortcut is an Alias and if somehow that is involved in the wrong recent command being repeated.

Thanks Brian. The shortcut I was using is ! -ViewportProperties CameraTarget Enter Pause !
I replaced that shortcut on the space mouse with ZSA with the same result.