Rhino 8 licence


Following the update from Rhino 7 to Rhino 8, this latest version does not open because I am unable to register the license number. The service says that the communication between mc Heel and zoo does not work. Someone had the problem. Thank you.

Please contact sales@mcneel.com directly for license problems. Unfortunately, it’s Thanksgiving weekend, so you might not get an answer before Monday.

I think I had quite the same problem, I used my rhino account to add the licence
I don’t remember all the process but I then was able to work with Rhino 8.

P.S. I think I bought a Paimpol Voile Kite 30 years ago when I was in Brest!

I thought it was recording itself. it’s doesn’t matter. it will wait until Monday. thanks.

PS: Paimpol voiles kite was good kites. The manufacture of kites has been done more since the end of 2005. Now “only” sails and canvas :+1:t2:

The license key you got when you bought the upgrade is not put into your account automatically - that is because there are 3 different places a license key can go, locally, LAN Zoo or Cloud Zoo. The rule is the upgrade license key has to be in the same place as the license key it’s upgrading over. If oyur V7 is in the Cloud Zoo, you need to put the V8 key in the same place. It should validate automatically.

Are you able to log in to your Rhino account? Can you describe exactly where the process is failing? It might be a temporary communications failure with the server, maybe try again later.

it’s a temporary communication failure with the server since this morning. I ad the rhino8 licence on ZOO.
message: “McNeel’s license servers could not understand the license issuer’s response. Try again later.”
i will try tomorrow or Monday.

Nothings better on Monday. Just wait

You have the latest version of the Zoo installed (Zoo 8)?

I don’t know. On Mac I have just RHINO installed and don’t know about Zoo version installed :thinking:

My licence is under cloud zoo.

Ah, you said ZOO - that’s not the same thing as Cloud Zoo.

Can you log into your Rhino account - outside of Rhino - directly via rhino3d.com > my account?

access to my account: OK
add licence number to Zoo: OK
and after, message: McNeel’s license servers could not understand the license issuer’s response. Try again later

Weird - never heard of this particular message. @wim - do you have any way to check this?

It’s ok now: With the help of bernat Lorente.
Il have to remove all my licence from my personal space et again enter number licence and it 'll be fine.
thanks Helvetosaur.