Rhino 8 : Hide a toolbar with a macro


On rhino 7 I used macros to show and hide toolbars.
For example, with the “byRhinoGadget” toolbar

With the macro to show :

! _-Toolbar _Toolbar byRhinoGadget _Show “byRhinoGadget All” _Yes !

And the macro to hide :

! _-Toolbar _Toolbar byRhinoGadget _Show “byRhinoGadget All” _No !

Now, with Rhino 8, it seems to me that we no longer have the option of hiding a toolbar with a macro. Only the !-_ShowToolbar command is available.

I really miss this, I used to use it all the time, especially for big toolbars that take up a lot of space. And I find it really constraining to have to right-click on the toolbar, then click on close, to perform a task I’d assigned to a macro.

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Hi Matthieu - yep, this is still in the works
RH-77225 Toolbar: Make it scriptable
I added a comment.

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Thanks Pascal.

RH-77225 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 5 Release Candidate