Scripting ShowToolbar in Rhino8

In Rhino 7 I had various scripts with commands like:

ShowToolbar Jim
ShowToolbar Block

Now in Rhino 8, I just get a popup window to select the toolbars I want to show.

How can I have a script turn on all the toolbars I want, so I don’t have to use the pop up?

I tried _Showtoolbar and it just gives me the popup as well.

Screenshot 2024-05-14 165938

Hi James - use the ‘dash’ version of the command “_-ShowToolbar” to bypass the dialog.


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Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the quick answer! That works great.

If I have toolbars with the same name in different libraries, is there a way to specify which one I want with the command line?

I imported all my Rhino 7 toolbars because I modified a lot of buttons, so now I end up with duplicate names, but one is in my “Jim” library and one is in “Default” I guess I can go rename all my old ones, but it would be convenient if my macro could just specify which library.

Hi James - the -Toolbar command (again with a dash) will help - it lets you specify a library. HOwever, I am not sure that the recent tuneup that lets this work correctly is in the current release - you can get the very latest by changing ‘Update frequency’ in Options > Updates and Statistics page to ‘Service release candidate’.


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Hi Pascal,

The -Toolbar command seems to work just fine on the version I have. It asks for the library and then the toolbar, Perfect!