Showtoolbar / Hidetoolbar command


While scrypting its easy to use a command like Showtoolbar to “show it”.
Wouldn’t it be easy to also have a Hidetoolbar to hide it again when it’s not needed anymore?

Now I have to close the toolbar file and open it again. Or am I missing something?

  • Jordy

The macro should look like this:

-_Toolbar _Toolbar <CollectionName> Toggle <ToolbarName> _Enter _Enter

where CollectionName is the name of .rui file the toolbar is located in (like “Default”) and ToolbarName is the name of the toolbar you want to show/hide… This is a toggle, so if it is showing, it should hide…


It’s working. Should have been able too figure this one out myself. Looks so easy.
The mistake that I made with -_Toolbar was the collection name.

Thank you very much.