Rhino 8 Edit inserted file causes "can't write" error

Hi guys, @wim
I get this in V8 when I work on a linked file and try to save it on close.
These files are saved on OneDrive.

Please try:
Make a Rhino file with a box in it and save it.
Make a new file and link in the first file.
Then double click the “box” and say yes to open it in a new window.
Do some stuff and “X” it to close that document.

And see if you get the same error.

(PS! This works fine in V7, so I don’t think it’s a OneDrive issue)

I am unable to repeat the behavior you described.

The first time I tried I was having problem with the U/I, and even got a .NET crash/
I updated to an new in-house build, followed your steps and used the Documents folder in my OneDrive resource, and no problems editing the box and having the changed box show up as the referenced instance.

Please give this another go next week and see if it works for you now too.


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Perfect, I’ll let you know, thanks for testing.