Rhino 8 Display mode Problems

I started having some fun with V8 yesterday and found this.
There is quite a difference between these two display modes in V7 to V8 of Rhino.
Same model, Isocurves are turned on on both of them. There are no special files for the background.

  • Also, the I cant get rid of the cplane. It seems like there are 2 cplanes. One you can remove and one you cannot.

Below is V7

And Here is V8

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have you tried to reset the display mode to defaults?

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It successfully reverts the custom display mode settings all the way back to Shaded. It is simply a copy of the Shaded display mode.
On the plus side, the Cplane is now fixed.

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may need to remake your custom mode for v8, lots of display changes under the hood.


Hmm, ok I am tracking. Thanks :+1:

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This is an old bug, sad to see still exists:

Notice the grid still showing, even though should be off.

The workaround is to choose ‘grid ontop of objects’ rather than ‘transparent’:

I think I remember this bug showing up in V6… but might be in older versions too idk I’d have to test older equipment.

The bug seems to be worse in other display modes, like ‘arctic’. I think there’s another thread on it.

Additionally, I like to make these colors brighter:

I wish they were already that way by default :sweat_smile:

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Well, I’m noticing a conflict now though, with the axes not being ontop of objects unless ‘grid is transparent’ :thinking: :thought_balloon:

I better go check V7… brb.

Ok so in V7 I have it working somehow…

:thinking: :face_with_monocle: :thought_balloon:

transparent plane no, transparent grid yes … brb

Yeah idk, the bug looks worse in the WIP:

Not sure if there’s a hurdle or not yet. bbl.

Maybe if the grid and the axes had separate transparency parameters, then there’d be a workaround with that, and maybe if the scaling were separate or if the axes scale could be more than 100%, then there’d be a way to trick it, but nope…

I can try recreating something from scratch to see if V8 is choking on V7 .ini file … idk.

Yeah it’s looking more like a V8 WIP bug on every display mode now the more I look at it:

pretty sure this was mentioned recently in another thread, on arctic display mode, but I couldn’t find it…

This might be the one I was thinking of:

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