Rhino 8 crashes - Problem with Rhino Nature

I would like to use Rhino Nature with Rhino 8, but I can’t do it.
Please help me. Thank you.

Rhino 8 Start - Plug-in Error: Rhino Nature.rhp requires .NET Framework.
Rhino starts successfully after switching via “_SetDoNetRuntime”.
RN-Panel can be opened. Preset executed for testing is not created in the viewport. Nothing can be seen.
Rhino closed. Restart. Rhino 8 crashes directly on startup. Again and again.
Rhino started in safe mode and set back to default.
Rhino started normally again and agreed to plugin error. Rhino starts without problems.

V -Ray 5.20.24 works. RN not loaded. Tried several times to use RN: Set to .NET Framework again and test according to these instructions “Getting started | Rhino Nature Help)” with simple objects. It works. Domain deleted again. Rhino closed. Restart Rhino and it crashes again.

RhinoCrashDump… created on the desktop is automatically deleted as soon as Rhino Error Reporting is closed. Previously opened “RhinoDoNetCrash.txt”.

Operating system: Windows 10 Pro / 10.0.19045 Build 19045
Rhino 8 current: 8 SR6 (8.6.24101.5001, 2024-04-10)
Rhino Nature: RN v.

Here is the crash text file:
2024-05-02_RhinoDoNetCrash.txt (1.8 KB)

I have found the solution.
I have received an update from RN (1.0.4).
The problem no longer occurs.

Thank you.

The post can be deleted.

Please don’t delete this post.
It may very well help other users of the plug-in.
Sharing solutions is why this forum exists.

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