ClippingPlane masking

it would be really great to be able to set a filter on a clipping plane to only affect specific layers.

For example, when I make 2d drawings from 3D scan meshes, I like to have the clipped mesh in the background and then multiple layers of section polylines, hatches, infills and helplines in from of the clipping plane. Right now, I usually have to use boolean operations, which hinders me to use blocks for my 3d scan meshes and those can get really big really fast.

Hi @Ivan_Malek

Rhino V8 can do this.

Oh! that’s cool! I’ll have to download the beta. Thanks for the info

Hi, do you have a link to some documentation describing this new feature? I downloaded the latest WIP, but can’t find anything resembling this kind of functionality.

In the Layer manager there is a new column Clip. You can set layers you need to None and they won’t be clipped by Clipping planes.

Ah, Thanks! I see it now. This is really useful. It seems to do some funny stuff with the blocks I’m using, but I can work around that.
Thanks again! This really improves my workflow a lot.

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