Rhino 8.3 Pen, Monochrome Display Bugs with Clipping Plane

Hi all, Just reporting some minor, odd bugs:

In Pen or Monochrome Mode, the clipping-plane display shows me odd results:

When using Solid fill full Black, it looks as expected:

However, if I go to any other color than full black, it shows a transparent-ish-effect where I see the shadows of the ‘inside’ faces (I suppose maybe the same thing is happening when its Black, its just that I can’t see them in that case cus’ its black shadows on black fill?)::

Also, if I go to anything other than Solid fill, the lines do not show up at all in Monochrome mode.

The line-work clipping-plane hatches do work in Pen mode however, it is just an issue in Monochrome mode.


  • Macbook 2021, Apple M1 Max
  • macOS 13.6.1 (Ventura)
  • Rhino Version 8 (8.3.23360.13002, 2023-12-26)

Example file attached if its helpful.
All the best,

example.3dm (3.9 MB)

Hi Ed -

Thanks - On the list as RH-79419 Display Metal: Solid clipping plane cap has transparency

When I open your model here, the viewport is in Monochrome mode and the section style hatches are drawn. I’m running a newer in-house version, though, so that part might have gotten fixed in the meanwhile.